Friday, 25 November 2011

The Stretch Mark Debate

Stretch marks.... it is one of the many things women fear of - that creepy, red, veiny rip in the side of your tummy, or, maybe it is placed on the front. Maybe, it is on your thigh, or better yet on your arms. Once you get a stretch mark, you have it for life. This is something I learned at the age of 14, when my body decided to have a growth spurt. And there, they bloomed... my garden of stretch marks, on my love handles, on my thighs, and on the sides of my knees (who the hell gets them there?!?!). 

This battle of the stretch marks has left me thinking for years. That being, how do I get rid of them? As all of us women eventually find out, stretch marks cannot removed... They are there for good.... wahhhh... 

Well, I learned only 4 years ago (yes i am slow don't laugh at me) that body moisturizers are beneficial for stretch marks. And after experimenting with numerous body butters, body lotions, I can tell you my stretch marks have faded to a silvery color. BUT, being skeptical, did they REALLY work? Or is it just over the years, they have naturally faded?

Now I have entered the realm of pregnancy. I am now 31 1/2 weeks, expected for my little boy to make an entry in 2 months time. So far, no stretch marks. I sometimes wonder, how have I not developed any stretch marks. Is it due to the fact I have been using Loccitane's Almond Supple Skin Oil?

Almond Supple Skin Oil comes in a convenient pump bottle, which makes it easy to dispense the amount of oil desired. The best thing about this oil is the scent. If you're into foody aromas in body care products, this one is for you. It smells divine! Its that scent I want to eat up! Personally, its not a overpowering or heavy scent, it is more of a subtle scent.

Almond Supple Skin Oil can be used in 2 different ways. Firstly, it can be applied straight on to the skin, which I found best just after having a shower. Or, you can have it in your bubble bath - mmmm bubble bath... I always feel luxe during & after having a bubble bath in this oil. 

My skin just drinks up this oil, leaving my skin like velvet for days. Also I have found the oil does not irritate my erratic, sensitive, and hormonal skin. If anything, my skin feels soothed, especially with my bump growing & growing... & growing. Winner! 

However, my morning sickness has sometimes enabled me to be turned off by the Supple Skin Oil. So, to overcome this, I have been using this gorgeous body cream by Aurora Spa Rituals. 

The Ultra Calming Fragrance Free Body Cream has such a soft, scent-free smell, which hydrates and protects the skin. The ingredients included in this body cream, which moisurize the skin, are calendula, macadamia, shea butter, olive and grape seed. I have found, these ingredients, sooth my itchy preggy skin, by nourishing and hydrating, leaving my body smooth, and soft as silk.

So, are these products "really" preventing my stretch marks from sprawling out onto my skin? Or have I been sucked into buying these (expensive) products from what the sales assistants raved to me? I personally think, my skin is benefitting from being looked after everyday, as opposed to the negligence it once received many moons ago. Perhaps, I am delaying my stretch marks from using these products, as many women do get inundated with tears in the last week or 2 of pregnancy.With the constant care of moisturizing my body during the pregnancy, I have noticed my skin looking really good. Better than before, but that could be that pregnancy glow... But I just got this whatever glow only because my morning sickness is gone. Even so, taking better care of my skin has also resulted in my old stretch marks fading away even more - so, I could be onto something!

What are your thoughts on stretch mark creams? Do they work for you? 

D x

Monday, 21 November 2011


Here we go again.... Another blog has emerged from the click of the mouse. I have been procrastinating, whether to blog or not blog, and thought "why not". So here goes nothing!

I have a passion for a few things, from beauty to books (yes yes the good old beauty vs brains cliché), current issues that are lurking around in this world to the random thoughts, which intrigue Dimitra.

Stay tuned....

D x

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